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We managed a property that was difficult to rent and it was located in an older area. The homes close by were in decline and there were many homeless folks living in the same area.

One day we received a call from a neighbor who said they saw homeless people trying to enter the vacant property. As we readied an inspection it dawned on us that this could become a dangerous situation. The homeless, or squatters, could be unstable, criminals, drugged out or deranged. We couldn’t rely on the idea that the intruders were law-abiding citizens who would dutifully leave the property when asked.

Entering a property unannounced is a dangerous action, but we did not want to send the police into the situation without some confirmation there were intruders inside of the property. We needed to check the interior of the unit.

With the window coverings blocking our view of the interior of the property, we needed an option to keep ourselves safe while entering without causing significant harm to the intruders. Our options were limited, but then we thought of paintball guns! It was the perfect solution! It would be just enough to frighten the intruders and give us enough space to back out safely.

The hour came when we had to enter the house. We opened the door and I led the way searching each room while my partner was covering my 6 (rear), watching for an ambush. We searched every single room but ended up finding the squatters in the last room - sound asleep! They never woke up! We startled them as we woke them up. Must be quite the sight seeing property managers geared up with paintball guns! Luckily, they were very passive and started packing up their belongings. They left without a peep!

Resys Real Estate goes that extra mile for our landlords! The crazy adventures of property management!

Resys Real Estate


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