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8% Flat Fee!

Our Premium Management Services provide landlords everything they need to manage their properties with almost no hands on. Resys will take care of every aspect of your property from start to finish. From marketing/leasing to evictions to accounting to annual inspections of the property and everything in-between. This is the management for landlords that don't want to deal with the headaches of tenants, toilets, and trash anymore. Resys will handle all of this and more for only 8% of the marketed rent with NO start-up fees!

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Our Proven Process to Profit

Resys Real Estate has been doing property management in the Las Vegas Valley for over 30 years, we know what it takes to get your property rented at the maximum market rent for you!

Step 1:

We will evaluate your property for an accurate rental rate: Resys Real Estate's experienced licensed agents and Property Managers will evaluate your property to give an accurate rental rate. 

Step 2:

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of getting your property rented. We will take professional photos of your property and advertise your property on multiple platforms with the best possible pricing. 

Step 3:

We put potential tenants through a series of screening techniques and underwriting processes to ensure we find quality tenants for your property. We do full credit checks, analyze proof of income, communicate with prior landlords, and perform reference calls. You can check out our Rental Criteria here.

Step 4:

Your investment property is our investment property. This makes your tenant, our tenant. We incentivize our tenants to make on-time payments each month. We will manage your financials with care and precision. Resys' advanced management program will also produce 1099s for our owners at the end of each year.

Step 5:

We realize that dealing with maintenance and repair calls can be stressful. Our tenants can report any issues through their tenant portal or through our website at any time. Resys will also schedule annual in-person walk-throughs with your tenants to ensure your property is being taken care of during the duration of their tenancy. We also handle HOA violations and ensure each violation is handled seamlessly. 

Step 6:

Our turnover process is just as extensive as our move-in process. Once the tenant has moved out, we will do an in-person walk-through and document the condition of the property. Security deposits will be dispositioned appropriately to cover any issues or damages. We also have licensed vendors at-the-ready to get your property rent ready and rented as quickly as possible. 

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