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Image by Ana Municio

Is 8% cheap?

Absolutely! Traditionally, property management companies charge 8%-10%.

How long are the commitments for management?

The Management Agreement is set for one year and will be updated until termination of the contract. 

Why choose Resys Real Estate?

We have been serving and protecting landlords for more than 30 years! 

Are there start-up fees?

There are no reserve deposits,

no set-up fees, and no advertising fees. 

Why are there two plans?

We realize some landlords are very active in managing their properties but would like some relief from the day-to-day headaches. Therefore, we have created our Basic plan for landlords to relieve those headaches.

Can I get management with a tenant in place? with a vacant property?

Yes, to both questions. We will draw up a new lease with the current tenants and inform them of the new management. With a vacant property, we will get the property market ready and screen qualified tenants as quickly as possible for you!

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