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Susan Brigola - Our Newest RESYS Team Member: Realtor and Mortgage Lender

Welcome to Susan Brigola, our latest RESYS staff addition. She will be active in the renting, buying and selling of real estate. She also has over 20 years in the home loan industry.

As a Realtor Susan has assisted from sophisticated investors to beginners buying their first homes.

As a home loan officer she is an expert in investor loans, refinances and conventional home loans. At the time of this writing Susan stated that interest rates are at the lowest point in the last 5 years. Now is a great time to refinance your existing, high interest rate loans.

When not practicing real estate Susan is active in her church or volunteering for charitable causes. She is fluent in Tagalog (Philippines) too.

Call her at:

Susan Brigola



email: sbrigs2107528@gmail.com

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