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Self Driving Bus Comes To Vegas: Update: Bus Crashes First Hour!!

Self driving mini bus debuts on the Strip

Its sponsors say this is the first self-driving vehicle in the United State to offer rides to the public for free, in live traffic. Keolis, a world wide transportation company that already operates the Las Vegas public transportation system, is the owner of the vehicle. Keolis operates similar systems in London, Paris and Lyon, France. Rides will be free for a years trial.

Read more here:http://www.sfchronicle.com/news/article/Self-driving-shuttle-hits-Las-Vegas-streets-12339293.php

UPDATE! UPDATE! Truck crashes into shuttle bus in first hour of operation! Apparently a large commercial truck smacked the driver-less shuttle during a parking maneuver. The bus had passengers and one was injured in the low speed crunch. The truck driver was cited but the bus did not avoid the truck, as there was no driver!

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