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Nationwide Housing Bubble?

In an article from MHansen.com, and taking charts from the Case-Shiller housing reports, Mark Hansen believes there is absolutely a case to be made for another housing bubble. Hansen believes that the current housing is at a point higher than the 2006-2007 peak, just before the housing crash. And Hansen feels that conditions may be more harsh now than in the past decline.

Hansen summarizes his feelings here:

If 2006/07 was the peak of the largest housing bubble in history with affordability never better vis a’ vis exotic loans; easy availability of credit; unemployment in the 4%’s; the total workforce at record highs; and growing wages, then what do you call “now” with house prices at or above 2006 levels; worse affordability; tighter credit; higher unemployment; a weakening total workforce; and shrinking wages? Whatever you call it, it’s a greater thing than the Bubble 1.0 peak.

Other reasons to support Hansen's theory:

1. Home sales are just now reaching 1995 levels after the government spent $15 Trillion.

2. Home builder pricing is largely flat for the past 2 years.

3. Highest buyer income in history now required to purchase a new home

4. Home builders are highly optimistic of home sales.

5. The buying public isn't as optimistic as the home builders.

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