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Weed Is Legal In Nevada July 1

Pot sales are legal for adults in the state of Nevada starting Saturday July 1. Nevada joins Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington allowing adults to buy marijuana in licensed stores for recreational purposes.

This is not an unlimited ability to buy with no restrictions. Actually there are quite a few rules that go with this new law.

The jist of the new rules are as follows:

1. Pot can only be purchased from duly licensed and regulated stores. Since the law was activated quickly only the current medical marijuana dispenseries are allowed to sell the recreational pot.

2. You cannot smoke in any public place! You can only smoke it at home, or on your front porch. Tourists may buy but they cannot smoke in the casinos, in public areas, in concerts, in the hotel rooms, nor in restaurants.

3. You can buy up to an ounce of marijuana and an eighth ounce of edibles.

4. You must be age 21 or over and purchasers must have a government identification card. All purchases must be made in cash because of taxation complications. This will be worked out in the future.

There are many more rules, be sure to learn the laws before you get involved.

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