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New Rules for Vegas Short-Term Rentals

The Las Vegas City Council passed new, stricter regulations for short-term home rentals. Short term rentals have been gaining in popularity since the advent of AirBNB and other vacation rentals. The City Council has been addressing complaints by neighbors of late night partying in residential areas.

The Council voted these new requirements:

1. The property owner must apply for a special use permit and business license. Approval process includes a $1,000 fee. The owner must appear before the city council, present his case and win approval.

2. The home must be covered by a minimum of $500,000 liability insurance.

3. There cannot be another short term rental within 600 ft and 60 ft. of each other.

4. A placard outside the residence during use with a 24 hour contact phone number.

The City of North Las Vegas has no restrictions on short term rentals. The City of Henderson and unincorporated Clark County do not allow short term rentals shorter than 30 days in length.

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