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North Las Vegas Amazing Commercial Growth

Faradar Future introduces the FF91 model at CES 2017, Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee was elected in 2013 and assumed the controls of a city in heavy debt. The city was economically crushed in the last recession and was still reeling from the impact. Mayor Lee knew that jobs were the answer and he went cold calling to businesses.

North Las Vegas has a lot of land available in the north part of the city for a huge commercial and industrial park. Apex Industrial Complex was created by the city but had very few tenants. The mayor found a high tech Chinese company named Faraday Futures who was looking for a location to produce electric cars. Faraday needed a production facility and a test track. Apex was a perfect fit and North Las Vegas would push the city approval through quickly. But Faraday wanted more. So Mayor Lee approached Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval with the prospect of a huge tax credit for Faraday. The credit was approved and the deal was struck.

Faraday is grading the site and preparing the building process today. Up to 4,000 workers may be employed someday.

Then something happened, Hyperloop One made inquiries into building in the same location.

Hyperloop is another Elon Musk business concept. Musk is famous for his Tesla automobiles and SpaceX ventures. Hyperloop One is transportation concept using magnetically levitated vehicles and moving them electrically through airless vacuum tubes.

Hyperloop One needed a production facility and a test area and Apex proved to meet their needs. Mayor Lee again contacts Gov. Sandoval and another tax credit is arranged. Now Hyperloop is testing it's theories and will proceed with the buildout. Another coup for North Las Vegas. Up to 100 workers may be employed by this company.

It's a fascinating story of a city and ambitious mayor turning a downward spiral into a hopeful and prosperous beginning.

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