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Jay Leno Has Never Spent a Dime of His Tonight Show Work


Jay Leno saved his way to wealth.

Leno says he has always worked two jobs, even while working at the Tonight Show. He saves the larger income of one job and spends the other, lesser income.

Leno says he used to work at a car dealership while developing his comedian talents doing shows. He would save the car lot money and spend the comedy show money. When the comedy money increased well beyond the car lot job he then switched the saving plan to keeping the comedy money and spending the car lot money.

To this day Leno swears he has never spent a dime of the comedy show money, including his time with the Tonight Show, reportedly $30 million per year at the peak. Even while acting as the Tonight Show host he always had 130 outside comedy shows for spending money. Amazing discipline!!

Leno says he always wanted to have a secure financial future.

This is how investors get money to invest. They work...hard.

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