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Handyman Secrets for Landlords

Handymen are wonderful. We property managers use them all the time. Landlords love them too. They can fix your home maintenance items, do repairs, make it pretty or just save you money by avoiding the fully licensed state contractors prices. However, they are not miracle workers and there are some things you may want to keep in mind when dealing with handymen.

Mr. Do-It-All handyman is not a realistic claim. No handyman is competent in ALL areas of repairs and construction. You may not want to expect the same level of competence across all trade ares. Typically, an electrical expert handyman may not be great in carpet laying or roofing. Find out what he's actually good at repairing and where he is weak. Get someone else to fix the items in his weak spot. Don't be surprised if the handyman pull up a YouTube video to learn how to fix something. They don't know everything.

Want to give the handyman something that would be appreciated? Give him permission to use your bathroom if nature calls. If the handyman has to leave the job site to find a restroom it may cost you a bit more in time or money.

Can you ALSO fix this? Once the handyman arrives to complete the arranged job and you find other jobs for him to do, expect to be charged for the new work. Workmen are used to being asked to do other chores, however, don't you expect the jobs to be done for free. They won't be free.

Clogged drain? Try using a Zip-It tool to clear the hair out of a bathroom sink drain before calling the handyman. This is a long, jagged, skinny tool to shove into the drain and then the barbs will catch the clog when pulled out. Doing this first could save time and money.

A really dirty work area may cause the handyman to deny the work. If the worker cannot kneel or lay down to do the job because of filth then the handyman may refuse the job or charge more.

Put your pets away from the work area or remove them from the property if the workman will cause excessive barking. There's no need to scare the animal or get the workman injured if the animal is protecting its territory.

If you need a pricing discount or you don't have enough funds to do the job, perhaps the handyman could offer a reduced price if you clean up the repair mess for him. It may not work but its better than begging.

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