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Why You Can't Get Rid of Cockroaches

EEEEYYYUCK!! Coackroaches! They are everywhere! Why do I have so many roaches in my house?

Of course it's common knowledge that cockroaches have survived since dinosaur days. Scientists believe that if there is a nuclear world war the likely single survivors would be cockroaches. They may be the ultimate life-form design.

A recent study shows that typical 12 millimeter tall roaches can crush down to in size to 3 mm's, or the height of 2 stacked pennies. They shrink down to tiny sizes to get through small holes or cracks in your house.

Their exoskeleton can be compressed up to 900 times their weight without damage. That's why you can crunch them underfoot and not kill them. They can really take a hit and keep running. They can also run at 60 centimeters per second or the equivalent of a human running at 70 mph. They run all through your kitchen and walls at that speed. No wonder you can't catch them.

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