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Reduce crimes at your property

January 20, 2016

What can Landlord and Tenants do to reduce crimes at property? 



*Alarm System - You can elect to go with a professional alarm company or you can do it yourself.



*Dogs (Beware of Dog Sign) - Some of the best breed for watch dogs are Bloodhound, Golden Retriever, Labrador, and Boxer.


*Leave Lights On - or on timer - timers can be purcahsed for as low as $20


*Leave TV or Radio on while out - the sound of noise coming from your home will make it appear as someone is home


*Neighboorghood Watch Programs - www.nnw.org  - there are app's on your smart phone that you can join, such as www.nwapp.org and Nextdoor app


*Securtiy Screen on front door - these screens make it hard for an intruder to kick in your front door.

They can be purchased from you local hardware store and range from $100 on up ... please be sure to check with your HOA on any restrictions. 


*Locks on side gates - this can make your property appear less opportunistic


*Trim Shrubs and bushes - keeping a well maintained yard makes it difficult for someone to possible hide behind


*Outisde Lighting - solar or motion lighting - Las Vegas is know for our sunshine and heat ... so why not take advantatge with Solar motion lighting.


*Keep newspapers out of yard and remove flyer off door - have a neighbor remove these from front door.  Multiple flyers on door or items on porch give the inpression the home is vacant. 


*Allow a neighboor to park on driveway while gone - this can give the appearance that someone is home. 


*Do not post on Social Media about your travel plans - this has become somewhat of a risk factor when you annouce to the world that you are traveling and will be away from your home. 


*Have a friend or family check your home while away - have them come at differenet times throught the week, not a scheduled time each day. 


These few things can help reduce crimes at your property. 




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