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8 Common Concerns Tenants Have

Landlord/tenant relationships are not always clear cut. Both parties have responsibilities and failure to comply with the lease or rental laws can get costly. Be knowledgeable about your rights and responsibilities or it can cost you in a number of ways.

If you are a tenant and you are renting a property, there are a few concerns common to most renters. Tenants often have questions about their property, landlords, repairs and rental payments. Tenants want to know who is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the property, or, how much of the security deposit will be returned.

Essentially, landlords have the responsibility of providing a safe property will all operating house systems working well (plumbing, water, electricity, heat, roof, etc.). Landlords also are expected to absorb the costs of normal wear and tear of the property.

Tenants are expected to abide by the provisions of the lease, pay their rent, and maintain the property keeping it clean and free of damages.

Attached is an article from Trulia describing situations and terms tenants should be aware.

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