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Tenants - How to make the rental property feel like your home.

Furniture - invest in good furniture you will love forever... or on a budget, try second hand stores or hit garage sales / estate sales. IKEA has just opened this year here in Las Vegas. We also have second hand consignment stores such as Colleens Classic Consignment.

Lighting - place floor lighting or change out lighting where you can, you can swap back the original light fixtures when your leave.

Wallpaper - temporary wall paper is available. Instead of painting which many owners will not allow, this is a great temporary solution.

Art or Picture collage - hanging wall art or a picture collage, this allows you to put your personal touch into the home.

Rug - a nice area rug can do wonders to cover up dated flooring or carpet.

Curtains / Window treatments - Walmart or Target has a great selection of window treatments at a fantastic price.

Plants / Flowers / Herb Garden - this will bring a nice aroma to your home, and who doesn't love fresh herbs when cooking.

Paint - paint furniture instead of walls to give a bold fresh vibe

Work with what the properties aesthetic and not against it can really help your home feel more inviting and homey.

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