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Airbnb - Short Term Rentals in Las Vegas

Visitors come from all corners of the planet to see Las Vegas. They gamble, they watch extravagant shows and generally have a grand time. But they need a place to stay during their vacation. Vegas has thousands of hotel rooms but not everyone wants to stay in high rise cubicles. Is there an alternative to hotel rooms? Could visitors stay in your home for a fee?

Airbnb is a website that lists rooms for short-term rent. Homeowners who wish to rent a room to visitors can make extra money and give the visitor a locals point of view. The old bed and breakfast concept has come to the mass market. Aribnb opens up an intriguing new room rental option to hotels and motels.

But is it legal?

In the City of North Las Vegas you're in luck. There are no short term rental ordinances. There are no fees charged by the city and there are no restrictions on rental time periods.

In the City of Las Vegas it can be done but with restrictions. Las Vegas requires the host to obtain a business license costing $500 for each unit rented. If your property is located in a homeowners association, a letter granting permission for short term rentals must first be obtained.

In unincorporated Clark County and Henderson does not allow short term rentals (less than 30 days) in residential areas. Any violation may result in jail time and a $1,000 fine!

Most violations occur when neighbors complain to police about noisy or raucous visitors

Airbnb is only the platform to advertise the rentals however they do require homeowners have adequate liability insurance and to take responsibility for the renters and, if any, damages resulting from the rental or usage.

Not all good ideas are welcome in America's entertainment capital.

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