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Squatters Sue for Ownership Rights

In northwest Las Vegas neighbors notice someone moved into the abandoned house again. This home has been going through the foreclosure process for well over a year and it has been empty for all of this time. Bank of America owns the house and recently listed it for sale with a real estate agent. Except when squatters move in.

These are no ordinary squatters and this is no ordinary house. The house is valued at approximately $800,000 and is nearly 8,000 square feet in size. Needless to say, it is a very nice house.

The squatters have filed a claim for ownership of the vacant house under "adverse possession". This means that if the occupant can prove they have cared for the property and have paid the taxes and expenses for a number of years (5-7 years usually) they can claim ownership of the property.

But the squatters just moved in. And they have now sued Bank of America and the listing agent....for $21 million!! They have filed a 100 page legal suit against the bank and agent for unknown demands. Now the police will not arrest the squatters because the police are now aware there is lawsuit pending according to a television news report.

Additionally, the police claim they will not remove the squatters under a simple trespassing violation and a 'breaking and entering" violation because they claim not to have enough manpower to remove all the squatters in the city.

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