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You Can't Live Here if You Vote for Trump!

According to CBS4 in Grand Junction, Colorado, a landlord who rejected a rental application of a tenant because of the politician the tenant favors. The tenant wants to vote for Trump but the landlord will not allow the tenant to live in his house because of the tenant's choice.

Apparently the landlord is not breaking any laws.

Landlord Mark Homes is renting an apartment but he refuses to to rent to anyone who supports Donald Trump for President.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development there is no discrimination taking place in this action. This action "has nothing to do with the Fair Housing Act" says HUD spokeman Jerry Brown. Politcal choices are not a protected class in Fair Housing Laws.

The problem comes with the fact that most tenants belong to an ethnic race, or are disabled, or belong to a certain religion, or etc, etc. If the rejected tenant is a Trump voter but is also Hispanic, Catholic and disabled, would the tenant have any recourse against the landlord? What protected classification takes precedence?

Can this landlord justify his rejection of any tenant based solely upon the tenant's political choice or could the tenant imply his political choice is just a ploy to reject him for his ethniciity?

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