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Airstream Park - Zappos CEO Re-Creates the Trailer Park in Downtown Las Vegas

Tony Hsieu, CEO of Zappos, an online clothing/shoe seller, decided to change the declining downtown Las Vegas area into something new and hip. Hsieu decided to rethink the trailer park and created a new community with trailers in it.

Composed of 20 gleaming Airstream trailers and 10 tiny (140 sq.ft.) homes, the community revolves around a central activity area. The activity area has a playground, campfire, 2 pools and a lounging area. The idea was the homes are very small but the community areas take the place of the livng room and become a very social area where tenants meet and play.

The rent fees are nominal, subsidzed by Zappos, and the residents appear to be happy with their accommodations.

Hsieu has purchased the former Las Vegas city hall and converted it into his company headquarters. He's purchased olders apartments and refurbished them for his employees. He's built a commercial retail area made entirely of the freighter steel containers pushed together and stacked to create the retail space. Container park is complete with a giant metal praying mantis insect sculpture to greet you as you enter.

Hsieu is a great example of creative thinking who has done interesting and new real estate projects. His out-of -the-box thinking is just right for Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world!

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