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Faraday to Build Auto Plant in N. Las Vegas

Electric car manufacturer Faraday Future announced recently that automobiles will be rolling off assembly lines in North Las Vegas by late 2017.

Up to 4,500 employees will be working in the new 3 million square foot plant. The plant will be located in the North Las Vegas Apex Industrial Park near the intersection of the I-15 interstate and I-93 highway.

The mysterious factory has not disclosed the exact nature of the autos to be produced but speculation by the press indicates that the electric cars may be a shared transportation concept with cars summoned by apps and paid by the useage. The cars may not be owned by the individual but usage shared and paid based upon the mileage.

Apparently the company is owned by a Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, 42. Jia chairs LeTV, the Chinese version of Netflix.

The addition of a big manufacturer to the Las Vegas valley will stimulate the economy and bring many automotive support industries to the area.

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