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Save Money on Home Repairs

Repairmen often tell us that the home repairs they complete are simple and have easy fixes. Many times a simple, cheap repair can be done to avoid the costly repairs by workmen.

Here are some examples to consider:

Cure a running toilet

A toilet that continually runs probably needs a flapper. The flapper lifts off the seat when the handle is pressed. Water in the tank rushes into the bowl and flushes the toilet. The flapper needs a good seal to hold the water and often wears out. Replace the $3-5 flapper and you’ll stop the leaking.

To prevent flooding turn off the water main valve

When a hose bursts or a toilet supply line leaks a flooded house could be the result. Turn off the water main to the whole house and the flooding will stop. Turn off the water main if you go on vacation as this will prevent a slow, small leak from flooding the entire house while you are away.

Unclog a sink

Bend a clothes hanger to make a small hook on the end and feed the wire down the drain. Twist and turn the hook to grab the clog (most likely hair) and pull it out. Keep digging until you clear all the gook out.

Replace a water heater?

If your water heater is giving problems and it is 8 years old or older, you probably ought to replace it. Once a water heater leaks there’s no stopping it and there’s no repair, just replacement. Do it before it floods everything.

Press the “RESET” button on GFCI outlets.

GFCI outlets are usually near a sink in a bathroom or kitchen. They usually have two buttons to set or disable the power in that kitchen or bath. If the button is popped outward press it back in and you should have the power restored.

Test the .outlet to be certain the outlet is not working

Unplug the original item and plug another lamp or clock into the outlet. If the new lamp or clock works then the outlet is not broken.

If the lights or power goes out

Check the main electrical panel for a tripped breaker. If all the panel switches are in the “on” position except one in the “off” position, flip the “off” breaker to “on”. If that doesn’t work then you may need an electrician.

A warm refrigerator

May only need the temperature control dial turned to a cooler position.

If you have problem should you file an insurance claim for the damages?

Don’t file the claim unless the repair cost is $1,000 over the deductible. Otherwise it will cost less to repair the damage yourself than the premium increases you will face later.

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