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New Nevada Squatters Law

In the Las Vegas northwest area there are 3600 vacant homes going up to 5200 through 2015, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. That’s a 43% increase in vacant, distressed, bank-owned homes that often become homes to squatters, meth labs and party houses.

On October 1 2015 Assemby Bill 386 went into effect, making it a crime for squatters to re-enter a home from which they were once removed.

These vacant homes now occupied by transients are very dangerous to real estate persons, contractors, inspectors and bank personnel. Often the “occupants” present a false lease to property managers and police. Police back off the situation and force the management to serve eviction papers in order to rid the house of trespassers. This legal process often takes weeks to settle and once the trespassers are removed they move right back in again.

The Metro Police Dept. has simplified the removal process. Authorized persons can now fill out an online form and submit it to the Police. A detective will be assigned to the case and within days police may remove the trespassers from the property. The authorized person can then re-key and secure the property. If the trespassers re-enter the property without authorization they will be arrested.

The authorized person must hold the trespassers personal property for 14 days after the removal. If the trespasser does not claim the personal property the landlord may dispose of it.

This new system will help to make neighborhoods safer and allow landlords to clean out the vacant homes. The large number of these vacant homes has been creating dangerous conditions when they become drug houses or gang houses.

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