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New "Straw" From Lake Mead to Feed Las Vegas Water

A massive tunneling project will serve as the "Third Straw" water supply from Lake Mead to Las Vegas. The $817 million project was "uncorked" by removing a giant 8 ton ball allowing the lake water to begin filling the tunnel with water.

The Third Straw was built to provide a deeper access to water in the rapidly lowering lake level. The exising two straws were in danger of being exposed as the water level continues to fall in the lake. A third straw was necessary to keep the water flowing to Clark County and Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. Lake Mead is currently only 38% full as a result of the most severe drought in decades.

The tunnel runs about 3 miles in length, it's about 20 feet wide and took 4 years to finish the construction.

The benefit is that Las Vegas and surrounding areas will have water available at least until the lake runs dry....

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