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Snakes in the House!!

Snakes in the House

In a recent TV newscast a house was shown to be infested with snakes! EEK! The current homeowner had recently purchased the home when they discovered numerous snakes living throughout the house. The owners have exterminated, dead snakes to show as proof. The owners state that they were never informed of the possibility of snakes in the house when they purchased the home by either the listing agent or the seller. It has cost the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars to remedy the problem.

This weird situation becomes even more clouded when the former owner states that they were unaware of the snake infestation because they never lived in the house. The house was always a rental property for them.

There was one report of snakes in the house by the former tenants. However, the landlord was evicting the tenants for non-payment of rents and thought the tenants were lying in order to get more time to live in the house rent-free.

There is no clear cut winner if this goes to trial. Obviously the topic is so distasteful and outrageous that the seller has a real perception problem with a jury. However, if the sellers really did not know there were snakes in the house can they held liable for not knowing?

LESSON: Always disclose any and all defects in a property as you know it or should know it!!

How to remove snakes

This is really a problem. There are no real snake traps available but here are some ideas for ridding your snake problem (from personal experience).

Poison bait

Kill a rodent with poisoned bait food and leave the carcass out for the snake to eat. Snake eats the dead rodent and gets himself poisoned.

Set large mouse trap

Set the trap with a dead bait rodent and wait for the snake to take the bait, then WHAMMO!!

Lay down sticky pest cards

Sticky pest traps placed in the snake pathways could cause big problems for a snake. If the snake gets stuck on the sticky card it can't fit into normal escape routes. You may find the snake floundering around stuck to the card. The more it twists the more stuck it gets.

Try to keep the snake alive if it's not poisonous. They rid your property of pests but if the snake becomes the pest... ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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