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Landlord Ego Ruins Smooth Rental Situation

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A landlord client of ours demonstrated an amazing lack of compassion for his tenants and will ultimately lose his tenants.

The Situation:

RESYS dutifully sent a lease renewal to the tenants after the first year of renting. The tenants sent the renewal back to our office but we never received the copy. Two weeks go by and the landlord wants to know what happended to the lease renewal. We explained the renewal was lost in the fax machine operation but it is now in our office. The landlord demands that the rent be raised the $50 per month that the lease is not renewed. We explain the renewal was accepted by the tenant but was lost in the transmission. The landlord DEMANDS the additional $50 month-to-month fee be paid.

The Dilemma:

In the strict world of real estate contracts, our lease states that any month-to-month tenancy must pay the additional $50 for the luxury of a short term lease. However, if a reliable tenant states they accepted and send the lease renewal, a little leniency by the landlord (the beneficiary) should be in order. Instead the landlord decides he must "punish" the tenants for not sending the lease renewal.

The Results:

As expected, the tenants now decided to move out of the house instead of renewing the the lease.

As a direct result of his demands the landlord will now lose a good tenant, have a vacant property shortly, and will need to invest in cleaning, and prepping the rental. All in search of the ill advised $50.

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