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Incredible Landlord Kindness ($16,000) to Tenant with Problems

We have an incredibly kind landlord who owns a rental house occupied by a tenant with medical problems. This tenant has been perpetually in need of rent assistance for a variety of reasons. The tenant's mother had cancer. The tenant herself had medical issues. The tenant has been out of work for many years. Her grown children have no place to live and moved into the rental house with her. Her family pays no rent to the landlord. Throughout all of this our landlord has supported her wishes by reducing her rental payment in half. Then he allowed her to pay late each month. Then she started to miss her discounted rent payments.

This drama has gone on 10 years. Now the landlord wants to sell the property and guess what? The tenant refuses to move!! There is a serious buyer in place but the transaction can only go through if the house is vacant. The tenant must move out.

RESYS property management does the eviction work and we tally all the lost and delinquent rents owed to the landlord and it totalls $16,000 owed to the landlord! This landlord forgave the tenant the $16,000 owed and only wanted his house vacated and the tenant would not comply.

In fact the tenant was angry she had to move out and wanted free rent!!

Stranger than life!

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