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RESYS Offers Individual Landlord Services - No Time Commitment

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RESYS Property Management is now offering individual management services to do-it- yourself landlords. Our services are reliable because we've been doing management in Las Vegas since 1991. We felt that landlords wanted SOME services but maybe not ALL of them. So we are giving them an option: "Full" or "Partial" Management.

Landlords all have a different and distinct management style. Landlords tend to be busy and capable business people who often self manage their rental properties. However, a landlord may be too busy to do the work necessary or may need assistance in performing a job. RESYS supplies that need.

RESYS provides leasing, tenant screening, evictions, or inspections on a one-time basis. Use the services as needed without a long term commitment, as in full property management.

If the landlord does not have a comprehensive lease copy or does not know how to pull credit, criminal or eviction history, then he may wish to use our services for tenant screening or leasing.

If the landlord does not know the eviction laws he may use our services to remove his tenants. There are many legal notices and the eviction process is not always clear, so please call our office and have your situation clarified.

Out of state landlords may need to inspect their property but would it be worth your time to drive or fly into Las Vegas? Our office can do the inspection and forward photos by email faster and cheaper than your travel.

Consider us as a solution for your needs.

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