Rental Analysis (Free!)


A rental analysis establishes the most likely rental price

for your property.  Each property is unique and different

from all others.  However, it is the similarity between

properties that we seek.  We search for homes similar

(size, shape, age, condition, location) to yours and their

most recent rental price.  For example, we conclude that

if your home #1 is similar to home #2, and home #2

rented for $1,000/mo. Therefore, your home should rent

for approximately $1,000/mo. too.  If your home is better

in some way you may be able achieve a higher rate.  The

analysis is an educated guess and not exact science.


The Realtor's MLS is a wonderful database of homes for

rent (and for sale).  In fact, the MLS holds homes that are

available, pending, or rented.  The MLS allows us to search

for homes just like yours that are availabe to rent or that

have rented up to a year ago.


Allow us to perform a free search which will reveal the most likely rental price for your home!


We will need some information in order to perform the search:


  1. Owners name

  2. Property address

  3. Your contact information


Once we get the results we can call, fax or email the results to you.  You may want some explanation of the terms used so call us if you need help decifering the data.


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