Legal Notices


Tenants must be served a proper

notice before any legal action





  • 5 Day Notice to Pay or Quit - $85

    • Can be served anytime after the rent becomes delinquent.  If the current lease has a grace period you must wait until that time has passed.  It is recommended that the landlord only accept FULL rent payment.  Accepting partial payments will allow the tenant to negate the notice, and the tenant may not pay the balance due. 

    • If the tenant offers to pay the full rent the landlord must accept the payment.  The landlord only needs to accept full payment, not a partial payment.

    • Notice must be posted or served, and sent via certificated mail to tenant.

  • 30 Day "No Cause" Notice to Quit - $85

    • This notice is used to notify the tenant that they will have 30 days to vacate the property.  The notice is normally used at the end of a lease term.  For example, if the landlord wishes to sell the property as vacant and the lease ends in 30 days, the landlord would post and send a 30 Day No Cause Notice to Quit.  No reason is required to inform the tenant of necessity of the eviction.

    • Notice to be posted or served, and sent via certificated mail to tenant. 

    • Requires a 5 Day Unlawful Detainer notice to follow and prior to filing for eviction. 

  • 3 Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance, Waste, Assigning/Subletting, Unlawful Business, or Drug Violation - $85

    • This is an eviction order for any actions by the renter deemed to be a nuisance.  If the tenant is harassing other people, exhibiting violent behavior, drug problems, or other criminal or damaging behavior the 3 Day Nuisance Notice is the proper form to use.  This notice is used for tenant behavior problems other than rental payment.  Must be followed by a 5 Day Unlawful Detainer.

    • Notice to be posted or served, and sent via certificated mail to tenant.

    • Requires a 5 Day Unlawful Detainer notice to follow and prior to filing for eviction.

  • 5 Day Notice to Perform Lease Condition or Quit - $85

    • This notice is used for any breach of lease contract other than non-payment of rent or a nuisance.  Tenant has 5 days to quit or correct the indicated problem.

    • Requires a 5 Unlawful Detainer notice to follow and prior to filing for eviction

  • 5 Day to Quit for Unlawful Detainer - $85

    • This notice is required as a followup to the 3 Day Nuisance Notice.

    • This notice to be posted or served, and sent via certificated mail to tenant.

  • 24 Hour Inspection - $50

    • Notice to inspect the property must be given to the tenant from the landlord at least 24 hours prior to the lawful inspection.  No Certificated mailing required.

  • 45 Day Notice to Increase Rent - $85

    • In order to increase rental payments a 45 day notice, prior to the termination of the existing lease, is required from the landlord to the tenant detailing the impending increase. 

    • Not required to be posted or sent via certificated mail to tenant.

  • Constable 24 Hour Lockout - $100 + Constable fees + locksmith

    • After the eviction is granted by the court, the action must be enforced by the Clark County Constable.  The Constable will post a 24 Hour Notice to inform the tenant of the impending eviction.  The lockout by the Constable can occur anytime after the 24 hour is posted.

    • A locksmith is required to complete the lockout or the Constable will not complete the lockout. 


All 5-Day notices are counted in business days, not to include weekends or holidays.  Clark County and Las Vegas courts will not allow summary evictions to be filed in less than 8 days after service.

All 3-Day and 30 Day notices are counted in consecutive days.


The date of service and posting does not count as the first day of service. 


All notices are served the next business day.



ReSys Real Estate is not a law firm and it and it's staff do not have the license or ability to give legal advise.  Please consult with your legal professional if you have questions regarding the use of any of the services listed above.  ReSys has no control over the outcome of the eviction process.  The result of the eviction being granted or denied is a function of the judicial and court systems.  ReSys will only use the city and county approved forms and process to submit for each legal action. 



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