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RESYS Will Lease Your Property and Get Professional Results


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$950 or 75% of monthly rent

  • Rental Analysis - Free

    • Staff members will search appropriate databases to determine the most likely rental price for your property.  This rental analysis will be based upon the history of your rental area; size, condition and appearance of your property.  Past local rental history does not always indicate the future success of your property and there is no guarantee will hold true in all cases. 

  • Property Photos - $100

    • Marketing photos of the rental property give prospsective tenants an opportunity to visualize the appearance, size and apportionment of the property.  The number of photos depends upon the size of the property and the number of significant marketing aspects.  Includes visit to vacant property, photos of each room and outside, uploading file to proper location.  Not included is 24 hr Notice to Inspect, if necessary.  ($100 separately)

  • Advertising - $50

    • Your property will be advertised in the most popular locations in the internet and real estate media.  Trulia, Zillow, Rent House, Hot Pads,  (MLS is an additonal $300 charge) are many areas your property may be listed.  Landlord must supply details and photos. 

  • Yard sign and lockbox - $85

    • Yard signs and lockboxes are provided to assist in making your rental the most accessible to qualified tenants.  Includes trip charge to property to install and remove.

  • Respond to calls and internet leads $30

    • Our experienced, licensed agents are on call 7 days a week to answer questions or show your property.  Our agents only rent properties under our management in order to focus their attention fully upon your property.   If the property is listed with the MLS then other licensed real estate agent can also show your property.  Landlord must provide all details of rental to provide to prospective tenants.

  • Show property - $25 each showing?

    • Our agents will  gladly show your property during working hours and at arranged appointments.  They will professionally emphasize the positive points of your rental home and address the needs of the tenant.  Includes trip charge to property.  Landlord to provide property details, rent, fees, and specifications.  Tenants will be required to contact landlord to lease property.

  • Answer questions

    • Tenants have many questions about the propective new home and our licensed agents are able to quickly address the concerns of the tenants.  From rental payments, security deposits,pets, or homeowners associations, our agents have the answers to satisfy every tenant.

  • Application and screening - $100 complete package

    • Rental application - Realtor approved application form utilized to provide the most legal information from a prospective tenant.

    • Tenant screening - The tenant's credit report, criminal history, eviction history, employment history and landlord recommendations are gathered to enable the landlord to make the best possible decision about a rent-worthy tenant.

    • Credit report - The credit report provides the best possible insight into the financial capabilities of the tenant. FICO scores, bankruptcy, delinquent reports all show the payment life the  tenant. 

    • Proof of Employment -  Employment history and pay scale give an indication of the financial steadiness of the new tenant.

    • Criminal Background

    • Rental History - Reports from former landlords

  • Legal and Regulatory Disclosures

  • Draft and Sign Lease - $200

    • Our agent will meet with your prospective tenant, collect fees due and produce a legal, binding lease for your property.  Funds from the tenant will be made payable to you the Landlord.  Funds will be sent in the next business day mail.  Lease will be written with the lawful terms designated by landland.  The lease will be drafted by RESYS, however, RESYS is not liable for the tenant or landlord's performance over the term of the lease.  RESYS is not a party to the lease and is not responsible for the implementation or execution of the lease by either landlord or tenant.  RESYS does not have an interest in either the property, the landlord's ownership or the actions of the tenant.

    • RESYS uses time-tested Realtor document forms (e.g. lease, tenant application, etc).  They are accurate and  provide protections for landlords as only courtroom tested documents can provide.  These forms have been developed by years of Realtor inputs and revisions and are constantly upgraded as new situations develop.  The Realtor lease document is far superior in protections to a simple big box office store lease form. 




Why Use RESYS to Lease Your Property?


Use RESYS if:


  1. You live too far away to show or cannot manage your property easily.

  2. You don't have an up-to-date and comprehensive lease form to protect yourself.

  3. You don't know how or where to best advertise your rental.

  4. You don't know how to pull credit reports, criminal reports, rental history, eviction history.

  5. You don't have time to devote to the care of your rental.

  6. You aren't knowledgeable of the State of Nevada Landlord/Tenant laws and the U.S. Housing and Urban Development rules.





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