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Why Do I Need Management?


Property management can improve the financial and physical quality of your rental home.  A good property manager can:


  • Rent your house faster

  • Get higher rents

  • Find a better quality tenant

  • Repair your home with reliable workmen

  • Be a strong enforcer of the lease terms

  • Do regular inspections

  • Collect and send rental payments via bank wires

  • Reduce liability by awareness of landlord/tenant laws

  • Evict weak tenants quickly


You NEED property management if:


  • You live too far away to care for your property

  • You need a way to show the property to prospects

  • You don't have sources for credit, criminal, or eviction checks

  • Your lease doesn't protect you, the landlord

  • Vacancy is killing your financial returns

  • There are dozens of other ways management will make your rental mor successful


How Much Does it Cost?


RESYS charges 8% of the collected monthly rent as the fee for management.  There is no start-up fees, and no reserve fund for repairs.  Essentially it's "nothing down" to start your management.  Our staff will inspect your property and recommend any improvements to increase the "rentability".  All these changes could increase the amount of the monthly rent or assist renting your house faster.  All services are included in the price(less leasing fees and eviction charges).


What Do I Get?


RESYS offers Full Management for a flat monthly fee of 8% of the monthly collected rent when signing up for a year.  There is NO start up fee or advertising fees.  There are no fees during the vacancy period.


To summarize the provided services RESYS will:


Evaluate your property for condition and appearance

Establish a rental price

Recommend improvements

Coordinate repairs and maintenance

Create the advertising

Take property photos

Collect property information (HOA, included appliances, pets, etc.)

Create listings

Place ads

Show property to prospects, answer questions

Accept rental applications

Screen potential tenants (credit, criminal, eviction reports, etc)

Collect security deposits

Draft comprehensive and legally binding lease*

Sign lease with tenants

Collect rental payments

Create rental payment portal

Create accounting for landlord

Conduct inspections of property

Enforce lease terms

Provide customer care for tenants

Receive repair and maintenance requests

Secure repair and maintenance estimates

Coordinate repair and maintenance work

Enforce homeowners association rules

Send legal notices

Evict tenants as required*


*Landlord pays referral, leasing, eviction service and legal fees




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