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Services for the

Do-It-Yourself Landlord






One of our experienced and professional agents will take you step by step through the leasing process and get your property rented in a leagal and respectable fashion.

Rent Collection


Having trouble getting rent from your tenants? We'll handle that for you in a legal and professional fashion.


Eviction is the legal process in Nevada to remove tenants from rental homes. RESYS provides eviction services which includes commpleting form, serving notices, completing summary evictions, constable orders and court appearances.  

Legal notices are formal notices to tenants of impending eviction, inspections, or rental price changes.  RESYS will complete, serve, and mail by certifcated mail the form to the tenant in a lawful manner. 

Are you curious how your tenants are treating your property and what condition it is? One of our experienced inspectors will go to your property take photos and draft a report that describes the true state of your property.  Inspect often, it's good for your pocketbook.

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Partial Management Services Explained



Partial Management are individual management services provided by RESYS for landlords who do not wish to participate in a full property management program.  We provide services which landlords may need occasionally but do not want to commit to year long agreements.


Many do-it-yourself landlords are quite capable of caring for their rental property or their tenants.  However, some need may arise in which the landlord does not have expertise.  Drafting a lease or eviction may be an area where a landlord may assistance.  RESYS provides that help.


Budget minded landlords will find relief in RESYS Partial Management because when RESYS performs a job correctly it can save landlords money and time. 


Reasons Landlords Choose Partial Management Services


  • RESYS has leased literally thousands of homes since 1991 and we are very experienced in successfully filling vacant homes.  If your home is clean and safe - we can get it rented!

  • RESYS has a comprehensive tenant screening process to ensure you get the best possible tenant for your rental home.  We do a very complete background check on personal, financial and job related history.

  • RESYS uses time-tested Realtor document forms (e.g. lease, tenant application, etc).  They are accurate and  provide protections for landlords as only courtroom tested documents can provide.  These forms have been developed by years of Realtor inputs and revisions and are constantly upgraded as new situations develop.  The Realtor lease document is far superior in protections to a simple big box office store lease form. 

  • RESYS has a fine credit/criminal/eviction report available for landlords to evaluate tenant applications. 

  • RESYS is based in Las Vegas and we have skilled people who can show your property, draft leases, do inspections, if you are unable to do so.  There's no reason you need to come from out of state to show your property!  Let RESYS do it and you SAVE $$.

  • RESYS is knowledgeable in state, federal and local landlord/tenant laws.  Our knowledge will aid landlords in reducing liability problems.

  • RESYS has been doing management in Las Vegas for over 20 years.  We are aware of current rental market trends.








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